Slap Train – Peak Angle PC GoPro S13 Drift Build – Ebisu Minami Remake!!

New version 211 have released!

* No in-game credits any more! All cars available for in-game dollars.
Additional cars are grouped in DLC packs. Сars have become much cheaper!
All customization parts (wheels, spoilers, objects, body kits) available for in-game dollars!
For players who have bought credits before provides the compensation and gift all the DLC for free!

* New 4 localized game servers:
– USA Dallas
– Germany Frankfurt
– China Hong Kong (will be available in next 2-3 days)
– Russia Moscow
Please choose the server location nearest you to play with minimal web delays.
Profiles at all game servers are independent. So just choose the best server for game career development.

* Car physics corrections for tires modul.

* Fixed a lot of bugs and improved the game client

Slap Train – Peak Angle Update: PRETENDER 1200hp Build Online!!!

Minor Update – version 207

– Graphics optimization
– Fixed “connection problem” bugs

January 26 released additional update – Version 207 Build 5.
“Connection Problem” have solved completely.


New big update have released today!

– New realistic car visualization system
– New reworked Custom Competition Mode
– New cars
* 2016 Pretender
* 1989 3S Coupe
– Improved scoring system
– Added possibility to choose tyres in Styling Menu
– Improved graphics and textures
– Fixed a lot of bugs and improved the game client

Please for Custom Competition choose the nearest physical server in Options>Gameplay menu.
Physical servers are located in USA, GERMANY and RUSSIA.

Happy New Year 2017!

Congratulations to all the drift fans a Happy New Year!
In the New Year we will continue to delight players with new updates.
The next big update will be released the middle of January.
The project is just starting its way to evolving to be the best simulator of drift and tuning!


The game points are awarded for the movement of the car in a controlled drift.
Points accrued the more that the higher speed and the bigger angle. Thus the most profitable almost to drift sideways at high speed.
In addition accrued points increase if collect the flags – markers of drift trajectory.
It is necessary to drift enough near to the flags: the front part of car at the red flags and the rear part of car in purple flags.
With each new flag the BONUS increases which in turn affects the number of points accrued.
Try to take each time the new flag. Bonus is not charged for recently taken flag.

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Peak Angle: Drift Online was released on Steam!

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Players who have bought the game before release can get free key to activate the game on Steam and continue playing in old profile.
Request key to your previously paid account here:
To continue playing the previously existing profile you must import it into a new version of the game. To do this in the main menu select the item “Import Profile” and enter the details of your profile.
In case of successful query will be given a key to activate the Steam product.
To activate the need to run the Steam client and in the bottom left corner click the “+ Add Game” -> “Activate a Product on Steam” and follow the instructions.

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