Email us your ideas for future development and get all DLC for FREE!
Tell us what you would like to see in the game in the future.
Please write directly to and provide us a link to your Steam profile.
If you posted customer review of the game – email us a link to it.

Only the best ideas will be rewarded!

FREE DLC release – Europe Country Road Track

TheSLAPTrain – GoPro 302 Mustang Boss Drift Build – SHE SLIDESSSS


Update with full optimization of graphics and logic processes has been released.
The game should run with more FPS. The most particularly noticeable increase should be when using reduced anti-aliasing. The game became less demanding on the characteristics of CPU.


We organize the styling contest in Peak Angle: Drift Online.
Create your own designs for cars and add screenshots of your creations to Screenshots section on Steam Community Hub!

1. Submit a screenshot with your car design to Screenshots section on Steam Community Hub (
2. Screenshot of the car should be made in the Peak Angle: Drift Online
3. It is forbidden to any modification and completion of the screenshot in the graphic editors
4. It is forbidden to put any sign on the screenshot
5. CAUTION! It is forbidden to place more than two screenshots for each design
6. Number of designs of each person is not limited
7. Participate only players with playing time more 3 hours and published an objective and truthful review on Steam Store to help other players explore the game

After 14 days we will determine the winners!
Each winner will receive 1,000,000 dollars in-game currency and all DLC’s!
Names of the winners will be published on Facebook page, game websites and Steam Community Hub!

We wish you all good luck and success!

Peak Angle: Drift Online – Deluxe Edition released!

Get game and all DLC cars with huge 37% discount!

* Peak Angle: Drift Online the game
* Japan Cars Pack DLC
* Russian Cars Pack DLC
* American Cars Pack DLC
* Germany Cars Pack DLC

Steam store page:

Slap Train – Peak Angle PC GoPro S13 Drift Build – Ebisu Minami Remake!!

New version 211 have released!

* No in-game credits any more! All cars available for in-game dollars.
Additional cars are grouped in DLC packs. Сars have become much cheaper!
All customization parts (wheels, spoilers, objects, body kits) available for in-game dollars!
For players who have bought credits before provides the compensation and gift all the DLC for free!

* New 4 localized game servers:
– USA Dallas
– Germany Frankfurt
– China Hong Kong (will be available in next 2-3 days)
– Russia Moscow
Please choose the server location nearest you to play with minimal web delays.
Profiles at all game servers are independent. So just choose the best server for game career development.

* Car physics corrections for tires modul.

* Fixed a lot of bugs and improved the game client

Slap Train – Peak Angle Update: PRETENDER 1200hp Build Online!!!

Minor Update – version 207

– Graphics optimization
– Fixed “connection problem” bugs

January 26 released additional update – Version 207 Build 5.
“Connection Problem” have solved completely.