Real vehicle`s physics simulator
Each vehicle is unique in technical characteristics and behaviour on track.

Steering wheel & joypad
The game supports all types of steering wheels, joypads and joysticks.
While using an analog controller, the player gets a more precise control over the vehicle as he can turn the steering wheel exactly to the desired angle and push the gas pedal as much as it`s needed. However players using a keyboard have the same chances to compete with the ones using analog controllers, thanks to our balance system!

The game features deep vehicle modernization and adjustment of all vehicle`s parameters.
The game provides endless possibilities for tuning vehicles.
Install new parts, adjust engine, transmission and suspension parameters as you wish.

Prizes and rankings
Move on to the top of Global Championship`s rankings, competing with players from all around the world!

By participating in competitions, players earn in-game currency – DOLLARS ($), which can be spent on vehicle tuning, customization or buying new vehicles.
Besides DOLLARS there are also CREDITS (CR), which can be purchased with real money.
CREDITS give players the possibility to buy different bonuses, but they don`t give any advantage while racing on track!