What are the system requirements for the game?

Minimum system requirements:
processor: 2.2 GHz
memory: 2 GB
video: level the GeForce 210 or Radeon HD 5450
1024×768 resolution
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Channel connection 128 kb/s
Recommended external IP-address (often additional service from Internet access providers). In the absence of an external IP-addresses it is recommended to use Hamachi or Tunngle.
We are working on the optimization and reduction of demands to the game system.

An error occurred while running the game: ERROR EXT_framebuffer_object extension was not found

Check the technical specifications of your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the game.
Attention to the video card.
Update the video drivers.

The game does not start or crashes

Completely uninstall the game and install the latest version of the game from the official site: http://peakangle.com/.
Also, make sure to update DirectX and the Microsoft the Visual the C ++ /the Microsoft the Visual the C ++ (the x86)

“Connection Error” or “Connection problem ” or the game crashes

Check your Internet connection. Turn off all third-party software: antivirus, the firewall, Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, etc.
Add your game folder and exe file to the antivirus exclusions.
Connection can block third-party programs (viruses, trojans, and advertising). Reinstall your internet browser.
If all steps are not successful then reinstall your operation system.

Which operating systems are supported?

Supported operating systems Microsoft Windows family. Other operating systems will not be supported.

Can I get the press release to create video reviews on YouTube?

Press version with full access is granted only to journalists and YouTube channels with more than 1,000 subscribers.
E-mail dev@PeakAngle.com and message through YouTube.
Be sure to include a link to your YouTube channel and ID of your gaming profile.

What types of control supports in the game? How do they differ?

Support of all control types.
When using a racing wheel to control the car player gets more pleasure from the precise control over the car. Game balance allows players to use a regular keyboard or analog controllers.

How to connect a gamepad or steering wheel?

Select the input device: Main menu -> Settings -> Controls -> Input Device.
Please make sure the controller is connected BEFORE you launch the game.

How do I reset (set) video settings to the default?

Run Peak Angle Default Settings.

How to play online in the Custom mode and compete with friends?

Recommended external IP-address (often an optional service from Internet access providers). in the absence of an external IP-addresses for the game in the Custom Competitions recommend using Tunngle program or the Hamachi. Instructions use read below.Tunngle to play in Custom mode Tunngle competition through the following steps:
1. Download Tunngle from the official website http://www.tunngle.net/
2. Sign up on the site.
3. Install Tunngle and log in to an account that you have registered on the website
4. Type in the search for the network name “Peak Angle: Drift Online”. Scroll to the network and log in to it.
5. On the right column will appear with a list of participants in the network. Locate your name and click on it the left mouse button. Write down on paper your virtual IP. Usually it takes the form type:
6. Start the game Peak Angle: Drift Online
7. In Settings -> Game -> Set my IP manually. Enter your virtual IP-address provided by the Tunngle, from #5 of the instructions.
8. Play Custom Competitions – now you can create a competition, or to connect to other competitions. You can play only with players from the Tunngle network.

Hamachi to play in the Custom mode competition through Hamachi, perform the following steps:
1. Download LogMeIn Hamachi from the official website https://secure.logme…i/download.aspx
2. Install Hamachi and register.
3. In the menu bar, select Network -> Connect to an existing network. In the ID field, enter the Peak Angle (or Peak Angle 2 or 3 Peak Angle). Password field blank. Scroll to the network and log in to it.
4.Immediately below the menu bar in the Hamachi virtual displays your IP-address. Write down on paper your virtual IP. Usually it takes the form type:
5. Start the game Peak Angle: Drift Online.
6. In Settings -> Game -> Set my IP manually. Enter your virtual IP-address provided by Hamachi from #4 instructions.
7. Play Custom Competitions – now you can create a competition, or to connect to other competitions. You can play only with players from the Hamachi network. Invite your friends! An interesting game!

Can I place my ads in the Peak Angle: Drift Online?

Yes, you can.
Email the developers at dev@PeakAngle.com

Can I license the game to be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, it is possible.
Just email the developers at dev@PeakAngle.com

Does Peak Angle: Drift Online use a realistic physics model? Do the vehicles behave like real cars?

Behavior of cars is close to the behavior of real sports cars. At the same time the game balance will be adjusted to ensure the most interesting game. The game will interest both simulator fans and fans of arcade games. Balance is the best.

Do you have the option to practice before you start playing with real people? Is there a training mode with computer opponents in offline mode?

Yes, the game implemented a training mode – compete with computer opponents in offline. But winning the offline competition will not allow the player to develop a career and to win game currency. This mode is exclusively for honing driving skills, for beginners and inexperienced players.

What kind of tuning and spare parts are available in the game?

The game implements detailed model of technical upgrades and tuning. In a car, you can install a variety of components and assemblies for improving the technical characteristics of a sports car. In addition, access detailed parameter settings for all systems of the car.

How to get points in the race?

The game points are awarded for the movement of the car in a controlled drift.
Points accrued the more that the higher speed and the bigger angle. Thus the most profitable almost to drift sideways at high speed.
In addition accrued points increase if collect the flags – markers of drift trajectory.
It is necessary to drift enough near to the flags: the front part of car at the red flags and the rear part of car in purple flags.
With each new flag the BONUS increases which in turn affects the number of points accrued.
Try to take each time the new flag. Bonus is not charged for recently taken flag.

How many players can simultaneously take part in the race on the same track?

In the race can participate up to 5 players.

What happens if I earned the trick a lot of points, and suddenly the other player’s car will face with my car? Points are lost?

​No, players cars do not interact with each other physically, and the collision is not possible. We deliberately did so to avoid losing points per trick in a collision between a car. After a disappointing score a lot of points for the trick and lose them if someone else crashes into your car … In this situation, the player will lose points would not have depended, and it’s not fair. In addition, in real competitions Drift participants calls in turn, just to eliminate the possibility of collision of cars and allow all pilots to plan a route on the track so as to earn as many points as possible. In the game at the same time on the same track can to drift up to 5 cars, and in the event of a collision would be very frequent and considerably worsened to the gameplay. Therefore, we excluded this unpleasant circumstance of the game.