The game points are awarded for the movement of the car in a controlled drift.
Points accrued the more that the higher speed and the bigger angle. Thus the most profitable almost to drift sideways at high speed.

In addition accrued points increase if collect the flags – markers of drift trajectory.
It is necessary to drift enough near to the flags: the front part of car at the red flags and the rear part of car in purple flags.
With each new flag the BONUS increases which in turn affects the number of points accrued.
Try to take each time the new flag. Bonus is not charged for recently taken flag.

For a successfully performed drifting, the player not only gets POINTS (PTS), but also XP and $.
Vehicle`s XP can be used for researching new upgrades, where $ can be used for purchasing them or purchasing new vehicles or visual stylings.
Besides vehicle XP, FREE XP is also gained. It can be used to research the current vehicle or any other vehicle!

In this game players can upgrade their vehicle to enhnace the quality of drifting and to be able to get higher scores.
Players can upgrade all the systems of the vehicle: engine, suspension, steering and reduce the weight of the vehicle as well.
Vehicle upgrading can be done by researching new upgrades in the upgrade tree.
Researching has to be done successively, starting from primary upgrades and finishing up with the most powerful ones.
In what order players buy the upgrades is not important – they can buy only those upgrades they really need.
For the research of each upgrade, players can spend the XP they get in races. To buy them, players can spend their earned $ or CR.
The upgrade level is represented by the PERFORMANCE parameter (gear icon). The higher the PERFORMANCE value means the most powerful upgrades are installed on the vehicle.
When all of the upgrades for the vehicle are researched, it gets ELITE status.
For ELITE and PREMIUM vehicles the XP gained can be converted into FREE XP, which can help players upgrade new vehicles and play less on stock modifications.

Players can customize the exterior look of their vehicle as they wish!
All vehicles except PREMIUM ones have different chassis versions.
Each vehicle has decals, paintjobs and can be painted with different colors on different zones of the body.
Players also get the possibility to install a variety of rims, wings, exhausts & air intakes!

PREMIUM vehicles can be purchased in the store after they are researched.
PREMIUM vehicles are already fully upgraded and there are no further upgrades available for them.
In addition, PREMIUM vehicles come with BONUS CARDS which will help players earn XP and $ faster!
PREMIUM vehicles` XP can be immediately converted into FREE XP.
PREMIUM vehicles are a possibility to earn XP and $ and upgrade other cars faster and play less on stock modifications.
These vehicles have only one, unique chassis version.

A vehicle gets ELITE status, when all of it`s modules are researched.
XP of an ELITE vehicle can be converted into FREE XP as well.

Competitions in-game are divided into different leagues. To have access to each league, player has to own a corresponding racing certificate.
A new racing certificate can be achieved by raising the career rating.
Once the career rating drops, the player will be given the previous certificate and transferred to a lower league.

CAREER RATING – the main characteristic of a player`s drift career success.
The rating in-game is represented by a red icon with letter R.
Rating change depends on player`s results – it grows for each beaten opponent and drops for each opponent the player gets beaten by.

VEHICLE XP – vehicle indicator. Each vehicle gains and accumulates it`s own XP which can be spent on researching new upgrades.
ELITE and PREMIUM vehicles` XP can be converted into FREE XP.

FREE XP – an indicator which is gained and accumulated by participating in different competitions.
Compared to vehicle XP, FREE XP can be spent not only on the current vehicle, but also on any other vehicle.
This accumulated FREE XP can be spent on researching new upgrades for ANY vehicle.

DOLLARS ($) – in-game currency which players can buy upgrades, visual stylings, new vehicles and bonus cards with.

CREDITS (CR) – in-game currency which players can purchase with real money. Credits can be also earned in EVENT and GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP mode.
Credits can be used instead of DOLLARS and players can pay any purchase with them.

BONUS CARDS – cards used by players for increasing the amount of earnings (XP & $) on a vehicle.
Cards are valid only for those vehicles they were acquired for!
Each vehicle has it`s own cards.

This is a mode in which players can compete against real opponents from all around the world. Region and track can be configured.
There are also different types of competitions:
*SAME LEAGUE – competition only between players that are part of the same league and owners of same racing certificates.
*SIMILAR CAR PERFORMANCE – competition between players with almost identical vehicle upgrade level.
*FREE FOR ALL – competition between players with different racing certificates and different vehicle upgrade level.
In this mode players gain XP, FREE XP, $ and RATING.
According to the results obtained, players are awarded with racing certificates and then transferred into new sports leagues.

In this mode players can create their own races or join already created ones. Race length can be configured.
As well as in QUICK COMPETITION mode, players can change the type of competition: SAME LEAGUE, SIMILAR CAR PERFORMANCE, FREE FOR ALL.
In this mode players gain XP, FREE XP, $ and RATING as well.
According to the results obtained, players are awarded with racing certificates and then transferred into new sports leagues.

This is a free training mode for testing vehicles and working off drift skills, without other players` participation.
Training length can be set up to 30 minutes.
In this mode players don`t get any XP or $. Rating as well remains unchanged.

This is the main in-game competition. Everyday new stages are held! According to the results, leader tables are formed for each region (Japan, Europe & America).
These tables therefore determine the results of the Global Championship.
All results are published on our wesbite. Players can as well see the stage results for each track and region, by selecting the corresponding criteria.
In this mode players gain XP and $. Rating remains unchanged.
Everyday championship leaders are awarded with prizes in form of in-game currency!

This is a daily competition, in which everyone can participate.
A unique event is held everyday on a professionally tuned drift-car on one of the available tracks.
All results are published on our website.