Dear friends, we are starting a competition on FACEBOOK and VK!
Try your luck and win one of the 50 prizes!

– 10 prizes of 2,000,000 CR!
– 20 prizes of 1,000,000 CR!
– 30 prizes of 500,000 CR!

FACEBOOK rules for participation:
1. Be a part of our group –
2. Share the post about the competition and don`t delete it until it`s over!

After exactly 2 weeks, winners will be drawn.
Good luck to everyone!


New version has been released. Fixed bugs.
Fixed vulnerability in the protection against cheaters. There shouldn`t be any “flying” drifters now.

Download the game here:


– Added vehicle tree in the store. Number of vehicles has been increased.
– Added new vehicles:
*V2101 1970
*3S Coupe 2010
*DRX-8 2008
*NSX-240 1994
– Premium cars can also be researched now (tuning).
– Improved scoring system: the speed and the drift angle are more important rather than gained combo.
– Improved vehicles` physics: better handling for powerful and tuned vehicles and less better for stock vehicles.
– Protection against cheaters: when attempting to cheat, the player gets his computer permanently banned and his profile deleted!
– To be able to play Custom Races with your friends via Tunngle or Hamachi, you can manually introduce your IP-address in game settings.
– Players` nicknames above vehicles (can be turned on/off in the menu).
– Added dynamic camera effect inclined by inertia (can be turned on/off in the menu).
– Added hood camera.
– Photo/Video mode: you can turn off the HUD during the race (can be turned on/off in the menu).
– Added 3 paints for all vehicles.
– Fixed a lot of bugs.

Download the game here:


CUSTOM COMPETITION – a mode in which you can compete against real players.
An external IP-address is recommended.
In it`s absence, we recommend using Tunngle or Hamachi for playing this mode.
Read the instructions below:

TUNNGLE steps:
1. Download Tunngle from the official website –
2. Register an account there.
3. Install Tunngle and sign-in to your account.
4. Search for “Peak Angle: Online Drift” network and enter it.
5. On the right side there will be the list of players. Search for your name and left-click on it. Write down your virtual IP-adress. Usually it looks like this:
6. Run Peak Angle: Drift Online.
7. In Settings > Game > Set my IP manually, check YES. Enter your virtual IP-address.
8. Play custom races by joining other players` events or creating your own!

HAMACHI steps:
1. Download LogMeIn Hamachi from
2. Install Hamachi and register.
3. In menu tab select Network > Connect to existing network. In the ID field enter Peak Angle (or Peak Angle 2, or Peak Angle 3). Let the password field empty. Search for the network and enter it.
4. Right below menu tab you will see your virtual Ip-address. Write it down. Usually it looks like this:
5. Run Peak Angle: Drift Online.
6. In Settings > Game > Set my IP manually, check YES. Enter your virtual IP-address.
7. Play custom races by joining other players` events or creating your own!

Invite your friends and have fun together!


Peak Angle: Drift Online forum is now officially launched!
Players have the opportunity to communicate between each other, discuss the game and ask developers some questions.
Together we will try to create an ideal drift and tuning simulator!


The project funding is realized by means of crowdfunding – support comes from the gaming community, so, your donations will help developers create the best drift and tuning simulator!

By purchasing in-game currency (CR) players not only have the opportunity to buy in-game content, but with their donations they as well help developers create a unique drift simulator.
Together we will create the best drift and tuning simulator!

To purchase in-game currency (CR) and support the development of our project, just follow the link below:

Payments can be made in different ways. Even via SMS.
To be able to pay you must specify your ID, which is unique and is generated after the account registration.
Purchased CR will be added to your account immediately.


Peak Angle: Drift Online project is oriented towards players – your opinions are important to us!
Developers are waiting for your comments and suggestions related to the development of the project. Tell us what would you like to see in this game.

You can share your ideas by contacting us at:


In this game players can upgrade their vehicle to enhnace the quality of drifting and to be able to get higher scores.
Players can upgrade all the systems of the vehicle: engine, suspension, steering and reduce the weight of the vehicle as well.
Vehicle upgrading can be done by researching new upgrades in the upgrade tree.
Researching has to be done successively, starting from primary upgrades and finishing up with the most powerful ones.
In what order players buy the upgrades is not important – they can buy only those upgrades they really need.
For the research of each upgrade, players can spend the XP they get in races. To buy them, players can spend their earned $ or CR.
The upgrade level is represented by the PERFORMANCE parameter (gear icon). The higher the PERFORMANCE value means the most powerful upgrades are installed on the vehicle.
When all of the upgrades for the vehicle are researched, it gets ELITE status.
For ELITE and PREMIUM vehicles the XP gained can be converted into FREE XP, which can help players upgrade new vehicles and play less on stock modifications.


This is a free training mode for testing vehicles and working off drift skills, without other players` participation.
Training length can be set up to 30 minutes.
In this mode players don`t get any XP or $. Rating as well remains unchanged.


This is the main in-game competition. Everyday new stages are held! According to the results, leader tables are formed for each region (Japan, Europe & America).
These tables therefore determine the results of the Global Championship.
All results are published on our website. Players can as well see the stage results for each track and region, by selecting the corresponding criteria.
In this mode players gain XP and $. Rating remains unchanged.
Everyday championship leaders are awarded with prizes in form of in-game currency!